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Extracting Forceps

STIEGLITZ Fig. 230 root fragments

Art No: PSD-1220

RALK Fig. 231 root fragments

Art No: PSD-1221

W1-WINTER upper centrals and canines

Art No: PSD-1222

Fig. 1 upper incisors and roots

Art No: PSD-1223

Fig. 2 upper and lower roots

Art No: PSD-1224

Fig. 4 upper and lower premolars

Art No: PSD-1225

PHYSICK Fig. 5 lower third molars

Art No: PSD-1226

Fig. 6 separating forceps

Art No: PSD-1227

Fig. 7 upper roots

Art No: PSD-1228

Fig. 8 upper and lower third molars

Art No: PSD-1229

Fig. 10S upper molars

Art No: PSD-1230

Fig. 10H upper molars

Art No: PSD-1231

Fig. 13 upper incisors

Art No: PSD-1232

Fig. 14 lower incisors

Art No: PSD-1233

Fig. 16 lower molars

Art No: PSD-1234

HARRIS Fig. 15 lower molars

Art No: PSD-1235

Fig. 16S lower molars for children

Art No: PSD-1236

HARRIS Fig. 18R upper molars right

Art No: PSD-1237

HARRIS Fig. 18L upper molars left

Art No: PSD-1238

Fig. 17 lower molars

Art No: PSD-1239

Fig. 20R upper molars right

Art No: PSD-1240

Fig. 20L upper molars left

Art No: PSD-1241

Fig. 23 lower molars

Art No: PSD1242

Fig. 24 upper molars

Art No: PSD-1243