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Extracting Forceps

Fig. 74N lower roots

Art No: PSD-1074

Fig. 74XN lower roots and crowded incisors

Art No: PSD-1075

Fig. 75 lower premolars

Art No: PSD-1076

Fig. 76 upper roots

Art No: PSD-1077

Fig. 76N upper roots

Art No: PSD-1078

Fig. 76S upper roots

Art No: PSD-1079

Fig. 79 lower third molars

Art No: PSD-1080

Fig. 79A lower third molars

Art No: PSD-1081

Fig. 81 lower premolars and roots

Art No: PSD-1082

Fig. 86A lower molars

Art No: PSD-1083

Fig. 86B lower molars

Art No: PSD-1084

Fig. 86C lower molars

Art No: PSD-1085

Fig. 87 lower molars

Art No: PSD-1086

Fig. 91 for separating lower molars

Art No: PSD-1087

Fig. 99 lower molars

Art No: PSD-1088

Fig. 101 upper premolers and roots

Art No: PSD-1089

Fig. 100 upper roots

Art No: PSD-1090

Fig. 99 1/4 lower molars

Art No: PSD-1091

Fig. 99 � lower molars

Art No: PSD-1092

Fig. 102 upper molars right

Art No: PSD-1093

Fig. 103 upper molars left

Art No: PSD-1094

Fig. 105 lower incisors

Art No: PSD-1095

Fig. 106 lower incisors

Art No: PSD-1096

Fig. 103 upper canines

Art No: PSD-1097