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Extracting Forceps

Fig. 76N upper roots

Art No: PSD-1196

Fig. 81 lower premolars and roots

Art No: PSD-1197

Fig. 76A lower third molars

Art No: PSD-1198

Fig. 79 lower third molars

Art No: PSD-1199

Fig. 86A lower molars

Art No: PSD-1200

Fig. 86B lower molars

Art No: PSD-1201

Fig. 86C lower molars

Art No: PSD-1202

Fig. 99 lower molars

Art No: PSD-1203

Fig. 99 1/4 lower molars

Art No: PSD-1204

Fig. 136 upper premolars and roots

Art No: PSD-1205

Fig. 143 lower roots

Art No: PSD-1206

KLEIN (Fig. 217) upper incisors

Art No: PSD-1207

KLEIN (Fig. 218) upper premolars

Art No: PSD-1208

KLEIN (Fig. 219) upper roots

Art No: PSD-1209

KLEIN (Fig. 220) upper molars

Art No: PSD-1210

KLEIN (Fig. 221) lower incisors

Art No: PSD-1211

KLEIN (Fig. 222) lower molars

Art No: PSD-1212

KLEIN (Fig. 223) lower roots

Art No: PSD-1213

ALBRECHT Fig. 224 Deciduous

Art No: PSD-1214

ALBRECHT Fig. 225 Deciduous

Art No: PSD-1215

WITZEL Fig. 226 lower roots

Art No: PSD-1216

WITZEL Fig. 227 upper roots

Art No: PSD-1217

ARTHUR Fig. 228 root fragments

Art No: PSD-1218

STIEGLITZ Fig. 229 root fragments

Art No: PSD-1219